Parking Terms & Fees

Visitors can park for FREE in any parking lot below for up to 3 hours.

Any amount of time parked over 3 hours will trigger the Daily Parking Rate for that lot.

    • Terminal Parking(closest to the terminal)
      Daily rate of $12.00 applies to any stay over 3 hours
    • Covered Parking
      Daily Rate of $12.00 applies to any stay over 3 hours
    • Long Term Parking
      Daily Rate of $8.00 applies to any stay over 3 hours
    • Automated Self Service Exit Lanes
      Visitors can pay for parking with cash or cards. The exit lanes are open 24 hours a day so customers can exit at their convenience. MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover credit cards are accepted. Visa and MasterCard Debit cards are also accepted.
      Checks are no longer accepted

    Parking Questions or Comments can be directed to:
    Phone: (361) 826-3232

    Parking at CCIA

    Parking at Corpus Christi International Airport is affordable and convenient. The parking lot is located right across from the terminal.

    There are two convenient "pay on foot" machines; one located inside the terminal baggage claim area, the other just outside of the terminal as you enter the parking lot. To use these machines, simply insert your parking stub, pay with cash or card, and take your ticket with you when you head for your vehicle. This equipment allows visitors to pay for parking before getting back in their vehicles. Visitors can also exit with no hassle or delay.


    Need help in the parking lot?

    If you are in need of assistance with a dead vehicle battery or a flat tire, please call Airport Landslide Department at 361-826-PARK. Our Landside Agents can assist you with a Jump Box or air tank to fill a tire.

    Cell Phone Lot

    CCIA has added a Cell Phone Lot just north of the commercial parking lot. The Cell Phone Lot gives visitors a safe place to wait on arriving passengers. Be on the lookout for a new, larger Cell Phone Lot to come in the future.
    Print or Download Cell Phone Lot Map (PDF)


    10% Discount / 30 Days +
    10% discount on parking for thirty days or more. Patrons leaving vehicles over thirty days must inform CCIA by calling 826-PARK. The notification must include Name, Phone number, License plate Number and expected length of stay. If these arrangements are not made, vehicles parked over 30 days will be considered abandoned. They will be towed and disposed of to cover any related expenses. Parking rates are established by City Ordinance.
    • Vehicles will be charged for the number of spaces occupied.
    • Rows in each parking lot are numbered to guide you to your vehicle.
    • Call 361-826-PARK for assistance
    Disabled Veterans & Purple Heart Recipients

    CCIA will waive parking fees for the following:

    • (Congressional) Medal of Honor
    • Air Force Cross Medal
    • Air and Air with Valor Meda
    • Airman’s Medal
    • Army Distinguished Service Cross Meda
    • Bronze Star and Bronze Star with Valor Medals
    • Coast Guard Medal
    • Defense Superior Service Medal
    • Disabled Veterans
    • Distinguished Flying Cross Medal
    • Distinguished Service Medal
    • Legion of Merit Medal
    • Meritorious Service Medal
    • Navy and Marine Corps Medal
    • Pearl Harbor Survivor
    • Prisoner of War Medal
    • Purple Heart Medal
    • Silver Star Medal
    • Soldier’s Medal
    • World War II

    Proof of designation will be required to receive free parking. CCIA accepts 3 methods of proof (1) VA ID Card with “Service Connected” on the card (2) VA Disability Letter and State issued ID (3) Vehicle registration and State issued ID. Veteran must be present in the vehicle when requesting free parking.

    • Pull a ticket upon entering any of the (3) lots.
    • Upon exit proceed to an open lane and press the call button for an attendant.
    • Show proper credentials (noted above) to receive benefit.
    • Parking benefit is limited to 30 days.
    • NO REFUNDS after exit will be granted. (Effective February 1, 2023)
    Voucher Request Forms
    City Employee Airport Voucher Request Form
    Disabled Veterans Voucher Request Form