Fly Local Pledge


The Pledge

As a local employer and business leader, I recognize the positive economic and quality of life impacts that buying and flying local has on my community. I also recognize that the Corpus Christi International Airport will only continue to grow if I, and other area employers, join together to utilize it for our business travel needs.

Why should your organization choose to Pledge?

  • Why should YOU choose to pledge?
  • It’s 100% free!
  • Provides exposure for your organization
    • Your logo will be placed on our airport’s Fly Local Pledge Wall
    • Will receive a social media shout-out on our #flycciafridays campaign
  • Local organizations supporting one another
  • Generating income back into our community
  • Over 60 businesses including over 10k employees have pledged to Fly CCIA.
  • For additional information please contact Noemi Perez, Marketing Manager, at 361-826-1290 or