Corpus Christi International Airport is owned and operated by the City of Corpus Christi. Airport administration, public safety, operations, project management, maintenance and custodial positions are among the jobs that are offered by the City. You can access information about the City of Corpus Christi on the city’s website at

Below is a direct link to the City Jobs Page. If you are looking specifically for employment at the airport, any posted positions will be listed under the Dept. of Aviation.

If you are interested in employment with the Airlines, the rental car companies, the Fixed Based Operators (FBO’s), the TSA (which is a federal agency under the Dept. of Homeland Security), the restaurants or the gift shop, you will need to contact them directly or visit their websites if applicable. The Airlines and Rental Car Companies that do business at CCIA are all listed on our website. TSA can be contacted through

Good luck in your job search. And thanks for your interest in Corpus Christi International Airport!