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Coast Guard Project


General Contracting and A&E Firms that are interested in the United States Coast Guard project at the Corpus Christi International Airport should contact the proposed project developer, FD Stonewater-Lynxs. Representatives from FD Stonewater-Lynxs will begin the process of interviewing interested companies that perform design services (including but not limited to architecture, mechanical & plumbing engineering, electrical engineering, structural engineering, civil engineering) and general contracting, on Wednesday, January 16th, 2013. This is the first phase of the proposed initial selection process for these groups. Firms that have Federal Government and Aviation experience would be preferred. No subcontractors will be interviewed at this time however once the design is completed all interested subcontractors will be interviewed.

Please note that selections of these firms is contingent on approval by the Corpus Christi City Council of the ground lease between the proposed developer and the City for the development of this project. FD Stonewater-Lynxs is moving forward with the interviews at this time in order to be prepared to meet the time lines set forth by the federal government’s General Services Administration (GSA) in their forthcoming procurement.

For more information or to schedule an interview with FD Stonewater-Lynxs, please contact:
Claiborne Williams
Principal/FD Stonewater
(703) 537-7653

At the interviews, interested parties should be prepared to discuss their experience with design and construction of office and aviation related facilities with a focus on Federal Government, particularly GSA and Coast Guard. FD Stonewater-Lynxs will hold 20 – 30 minute interview meetings at a Omni Hotel Meeting Room. No more than 3 persons should attend from any interested group. Interested parties should also prepare a folder or presentation booklet including team members and past experience for discussion during these meetings. No electronic presentations will be permitted.

The following is a link to the GSA’s Lease Prospectus for a new Coast Guard facility at Corpus Christi International Airport.