Message from Director

Director Corpus Christi Airport Fred SegundoAs you begin to plan Spring and Summer Getaways, take a moment to consider the choices you have at Corpus Christi International Airport. Even as the airline industry continues to change to meet the economic realities of the world we live in, there are three major airlines providing service to travelers here. American, Southwest and United operate more than two dozen flights a day in and out of CCIA. The airlines offer non-stop flights to Houston and Dallas which are major hubs that can connect you to practically anywhere in the world.

Director Corpus Christi Airport Fred Segundo

FlyCorpusChristi is more than a Marketing slogan. It’s designed to be a reminder that your airport is poised and ready to offer you a hassle free experience when you arrive for your flight. Booking your flight from Corpus Christi helps to support your airport at a time when fewer people are flying. We are fortunate to have three major airlines serving Corpus Christi International Airport. We’d like to keep it that way.

Price is important to our customers and we understand the need to shop around for the most affordable way for your family to travel. Just take that moment to consider your choices, consider the real costs of the options and weigh the importance of keeping the air service that we depend on here at CCIA. When it makes sense for you, your family and your business – FlyCorpusChristi!!!!

We wish you safe travels.

Fred Segundo
Director of Aviation
Corpus Christi International Airport