Travel Survey

Dear Airport Customer,

Thank-you for your interest in the Corpus Christi International Airport and for checking out this survey. It should take no more than 5-7 minutes to complete and will be very helpful as airport managers work to expand the air service currently offered at your airport.

Corpus Christi International Airport is soliciting input from the business community so that we may better plan for and execute future air service initiatives. This survey is intended to find out more about your travel needs and the needs of the companies you represent. We welcome your participation in the survey and ask for your added assistance by forwarding the survey link to the travel planners in your company who are responsible for booking travel in or out of Corpus Christi International Airport.

Specifically, we want to know more about where you currently travel, where you plan to travel in the future and what goes in to the decisions you make when traveling. We realize that our business travelers are also leisure travelers, so you will notice a few leisure questions included in the mix. We ask that you complete the survey by November 20th.

We sincerely thank-you for your time and for your participation in this important project.

If you have questions about the survey process, please contact Kim Bridger, PR & Marketing Coordinator for Corpus Christi International Airport at #361-289-0171 Ext 1290 or


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